Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forum (GSEF) brings together the end-to-end value chain in semiconductors, automotive, telecommunication, consumer electronics and design supply chain. As one of the industry’s most important gatherings, the forum explores current and future trends and finds solutions to business-hindering challenges.

GSEF 2023  

Semiconductors will enable the low latency, high bandwidth, pixel-heavy world soon to be spawned by the widespread deployment of 5G, but it will require a series of industry resets involving new architectures, business models, and materials-engineering breakthroughs. The industry is reshaping itself to enable the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Moore’s Law has been given a new lease of life by new chip architectures, including those based on 3D multi-Storey integrated circuits and tightly co-packaged multi-functional chip sets. As more processing is pushed to the edge, the data from automobiles, smart phones, robots, and drones will increasingly be processed in-device. This new distributed model will help reduce network congestion and future cyber threats. 

The GSEF platform will give you access to all potential clients to meet and discuss future business opportunities. Senior executives and top experts in semiconductor, automotive, 5G, Industry 4.0, AI, IoT, cyber security and consumer electronics markets will shed light on the most pressing topics and discuss the latest industry trends.

Why Attend?


This is an exceptional networking opportunity for industry accelerators. Meet senior executives to make valuable connections through one-to-one meetings and networking service offered by our platform.

We invite the following job titles:  



Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Innovation Officer


Chief Marketing/Product Officer

Head of Mobility

Head of Customer Experience

Head of Digital Strategy

Head of Brand Strategy

Head of Technology

Head of R&D

Head of Engineering

Head of Manufacturing

Head of Product Line

Head of Design


Be seen as a thought-leader and showcase your solutions to a captive audience; collaborate and problem-solve with like-minded peers and enjoy in-depth sessions and case-studies from the best minds in the industry.

Key topics will include:  

Autonomous Driving

Semiconductor Technology

5G/6G technology

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Connected cars

Industry 4.0

Advanced Test Solutions

Electronics Supply Chain

Advanced Packaging Technologies


Big Data & Robotics

MEMS and sensors

Cloud Computing

Cyber Security

Machine Learning



The conference discusses the vital connections between process, tools and techniques to manage change. Update your knowledge to create new strategies enabling you to enact change.

Develop new business relationships through our pre-arranged one-to-one meetings.

Targeted 1:1 Business Meetings – How does it work?

All delegates will be offered the exclusive opportunity to engage in pre-arranged, private business meetings with selected organisations of their choice.Registrants will be individually matched according to their business needs and immediate and future priorities.