Alan Lee is the Corporate Vice President of Research and Advanced Development at AMD and the President and CEO of AMD Advanced Research, the subsidiary of AMD responsible for external research projects. In his capacity as Founder of AMD Research, he runs all of AMD’s research labs. Mr Lee is also the head of extreme-scale computing technology at AMD. In this role, he leads the software and hardware engineering efforts to build the world’s fastest platforms for machine learning, finance and scientific applications. In May 2019, his teams and AMD were selected by the US Department of Energy as the computer provider for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier supercomputer, the world’s most powerful computer. Previously, Mr Lee was CEO of a privately held company creating technologies for high-frequency trading and quantitative financial analysis.

Mr Lee serves on the board of trustees of the NSF Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics and the Natural Sciences Advisory Board at Rice University. His research interests include the application of mathematics, high-performance computing, and machine learning to problems in quantitative finance.