Joe Barry is Vice President of Wireless Communications Business Unit at Analog Devices. In this role Joe is responsible for the creation and execution of Analog Devices’ strategy for the full suite of radio solutions for the wireless communications market. Joe has served in leadership roles in the wireless communications, consumer, and semiconductor industry for more than 26 years.

As VP of Wireless Communications, Joe is responsible for the Wireless Market Segment, along with the Technology groups of High-Speed Converters, SDR Transceivers, and Microwave Communications.

Prior to Joe’s current role he was the General Manger for the Wireless Systems Group where he was responsible for driving the strategic plan for the wireless business and developing our customer penetration and support strategy.

Joe earned a B.Eng. in electrical and electronic engineering from University Greenwich and MBA from the University of Limerick. He holds five patents in analog and digital video and audio technologies.