Kathrin Kind-Trueller has expertise of challenges to cyber security arising from digital transformation as well as cyber risks associated with driverless cars.

She has over 20 years’ experience in autonomous, electrical, conventional vehicles and software engineering for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. She has also been a facilitator and builder of world-class engineering teams (100+ engineers) in mixed and globally distributed organisations, including both start-ups and large-scale corporations.

Prior to Volkswagen, Ms Kind-Trueller has served in a variety of role of increasing seniority within automotive suppliers as Bosch, ZF-TRW and Magneti Marelli as well as automotive OEMs including BMW in Munich, Mercedes Benz Cars in Sindelfingen, Audi in Ingostadt.

Ms Kind-Treuller's areas of expertise include Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Architecture, Cybersecurity, AI Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving, Big Data Management, Research in A.I. and Data Science.