Tuğser Sariünal is Head of Production Engineering Innovation at Toyota Motor Europe. Mr Sariünal has extensive experience in manufacturing and managing teams in automotive paint shops, actively strategising during each of the design, installation, commissioning stages as well as maintaining & managing projects.

He has 15 years’ experience working on and overseeing lean manufacturing which has enhanced efficiency in several areas of Toyota Europe’s manufacturing strategy.

Mr Sariünal is responsible for developing innovative ideas in production for different cases by utilising various lean methodologies to eliminate inefficiency and waste across the manufacturing plant. He also enhances his team members’ ability to utilise Kaizen methodologies.

His specialities include Toyota Production System, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and Poka-Yoke Implementation, Hoshin, PDCA (Problem solving cycle), JIT, Jidoka, Heijunka, 3M (Muda, Muri, Mura), 5S, Plant Cost Management from planning stage to follow-up.

In his previous role as senior manager of the Production Engineering Division of Toyota Motor Europe’s Innovation Group, he was responsible for integrating the industry 4.0 strategy at Toyota Europe’s manufacturing plants.