AP Memory is a memory IC design company focusing on Low Mid density RAM solutions, and providing a full range specialty DRAM (SD/DDR/DDR2/DDR3/DDR4), Mobile RAM (LP2/LP3/LP4), ADMUX PSRAM, MCP as well as IoT RAM (SQPI/OPI PSRAM). Partnering with advanced DRAM/FLASH technology fab foundries, AP Memory provides, world class performance, quality and cost, including application innovative and customized solutions, in both KGD, package or MCP, form. As a result, APMemory is serving different market, from consumer, to industrial, from module application JEDEC compliant to IoT and AI solution where specific DRAM needs are essential. With Headquarter in Hsinchu, Taiwan, APmemory has design centers in the US, Japan and China, and global distribution.