CSMC Technologies Corporation (“CSMC”) is a subsidiary of China Resources Microelectronics Limited, which is the technology arm of China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited. Pioneering the open foundry business model in China since 1997, CSMC and its subsidiaries provide IC manufacturing services for customers. 6-inch production lines - CSMC Technologies Fab 1 Co. Ltd. is the first open 6-inch foundry in China, which contains a clean room of 9,400 square meters and focuses on HV analog technologies, new power electronics & MEMS. 6-inch capacity has attained 110,000 wafers per month to make CSMC the largest foundry in China. The establishment of the joint venture with China Resources Group, 8-inch production lines - CSMC Technologies Fab 2 Co., Ltd., its’ cleanroom area will reach 18,000 square meters, the capacity expanded to 60,000 8-inch wafers per month and is expected to continue expanding. The process technologies will be enhanced to 0.13μm.