Digitron Engineering Services GmbH is a service & support outsourcing company dedicated to the semiconductor industry since 1985.

We are an independent 3rd party supplier and Consultancy for the service and support of semiconductor front- & backend equipment. This includes Deposition, Diffusion, Ion-Implant, ALD, Lithography, Etching, CVD/PVD, Bonding, Probing and Testing.

Our partners rely on us to help them balance out the "ups & downs" of the semiconductor market and manage their human capital more efficiently.

From our bases in Munich & Dresden, Germany, Zelenograd, Russia we offer global support packages. Our clients are the world leading suppliers of semiconductor equipment (OEM´s).

We got the know-how, the experience and the resources to perform support activities for front and back end systems and equipment, at your customer site. Our engineers and technicians have long term HANDS-ON experience in the field. We can even provide technical trainers.

Digitron can be your partner providing substantial savings in labour, spares, travel and time. We offer project-related contracts from weeks to years, tailored to your requirements.