HDL Design House specialises in providing dedicated engineering teams for the design and verification of complex SoC projects from concept to silicon, including back-end and analogue design services, as well as developing IP cores, and turnkey solutions using state-of-the-art Cadence EDA tools. With customers ranging from small start-up companies to multi-national corporations, HDL DH is dedicated to fulfilling each customer’s unique requirements with high-quality products and services, flexible licensing models, and highly responsive technical support. Customers across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific include AMD, Freescale, Infineon, Fujitsu, Spansion, Cadence, Cypress, uBlox, Siemens and Broadcom. HDL DH joined the ARM® Approved Design Partner programme, through which leading SoC design houses are recognised by ARM as accredited partners in specific technologies and activities. HDL DH targets customers that develop solutions for certain markets, including automotive and avionics, IoT, consumer electronics, 3G wireless products, and communications.